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Militia Man

When the International Criminal Court in the Hague decided that 23-year-old Germain Katanga was  one of the people most responsible for war crimes in northeastern Congo, a complex decade-long legal process unfolded with a budget in the millions. Militia Man explores a flawed war crimes trial, as seen through the eyes of Katanga, his lawyers and a family that survived a terrible massacre. It reveals a court that remains well-funded and largely unchallenged despite failing to deliver justice and adequate reparations to restart shattered lives. After serving eight years in The Hague, a shocking development awaited Katanga in Congo which raised further questions about the competence of the court.

Producer: Evatt Tamine

Director: Lisa Clifford

Writer: Fernanda Rossi

Camera: Lisa Clifford, Simon Deeley, Dave Thomas, Tshoper Kabambi

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